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If you are coming from New York, you can take a bus at Port Authority Terminal (NJ Transit #s 121, 123, 124/129,144, 154, 163,167). You will need to buy a ticket in advance for Weehawken at the NJ Transit window.  Get off at Park Avenue stop, which is the first stop.

There are also several jitneys that depart from either 42nd St. (across from PA in front of the Burger King on 42nd St.) or a jitney that you can get in front of the NY Times building at 40th and Eighth Avenue. This jitney says "Paterson" as its destination. Both of them cost $3.00. 

Get off at the first stop on any of the buses. Buses marked "Blvd. East" stop at the Speedway gas station. You can tell the driver to please stop at the gas station. For the Paterson bus, the first stop is "Park Avenue."

If it’s not rush hour it literally takes 15 - 20 minutes to Weehawken and back to NY. 

Once out of the bus:  If you are not on the Paterson bus, you will be on Boulevard East. Cross Boulevard East, walk left on Blvd East to the first intersection (it's a busy segue onto the highway), make a right turn and walk up one block. At the first intersection, look to your right and you will see a Medieval style building which is the Weehawken Library.  That is Hauxhurst Street.  Cross over to the library and walk straight down Hauxhurst, past the library.The Wilson School is almost immediately on your right.

If you take the Paterson bus, you will be let off at Park Ave. Look in front and slightly to the right when you get off the bus and you will see the library. Cross the street, walk past the library. That is Hauxhurst Street.  Walk straight down the block and the Wilson School is almost immediately on your right.

Here is a bus link:

There is a parking lot behind the school and parking in the libray parking lot.  There is also street parking.

(201) 472-5123